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ACL Reconstruction Specialist

Nature Coast Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Clinic

Orthopaedic Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, FL

Dr. Walter I. Choung MD is an orthopaedic surgeon who helps Beverly Hills, FL and Citrus County patients with a variety of orthopaedic issues. These include ACL reconstruction, knee pain, hip pain, arthritis, and a large variety of other issues.

ACL Reconstruction Q & A

When is ACL Reconstruction Needed?

In many cases, people who have a torn ACL will need to have ACL Reconstruction in order to heal properly for the long term. This is especially true for people who participate in sports like football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or other very physical sports on a regular basis. People who work in jobs requiring manual labor will also need to strongly consider ACL surgery due to the higher risk of re-injury. Even people who are not very physically active may find that ACL surgery is the best choice, particularly if the knee continually gives out or feels very weak.  Dr. Choung and the staff at Nature Coast Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Clinic will evaluate and diagnose the injury to determine the best possible solution.

Can ACL Tears Be Prevented?

While the injury can't always be prevented, using the right type of training practices can go a long way towards avoiding an ACL injury. Work with a professional trainer and make sure that training sessions are properly supervised. In particular, jump training is very important in the prevention of ACL tears. An athlete is taught the correct landing technique in jump training. Simply landing the right way can dramatically reduce the amount of stress on the knee ligaments and may help prevent serious injury. Strength training should also be taught by professionals and closely supervised to be sure that proper form is used.

Is Rehab Necessary Post ACL Surgery?

Rehab is a very important component of recovery from a torn ACL. After the surgery, it will take time and effort to get the full range of motion back, and rehab is geared towards making this happen in the safest way possible. Rehab will generally take place over several weeks, and it is important to do the prescribed exercises every day without fail for the best post-surgical results.