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Knee Pain Specialist

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Orthopaedic Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, FL

Dr. Walter I. Choung MD is a highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon serving patients in the Beverly Hills, FL and Citrus County area. He helps patients with knee pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and a variety of other painful problems.

Knee Pain Q & A

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Knee Pain?

Knee pain is quite common, but the exact type of knee pain does vary widely from one person to the next. Osteoarthritis often causes knee pain and is one of the most common sources of knee pain for people age 50 and older. Torn ligaments, in particular, the anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments, is another cause for knee pain. Bursitis caused by overuse or injury can result in serious knee pain, as well. A dislocated kneecap, patellar tendonitis, or loose cartilage pieces can also be causes of knee pain.

How is Knee Pain Determined?

A knee scope is often the best way for a doctor to verify the source of the knee pain. Sometimes the doctor may be able to diagnose the condition prior to the arthroscopy (scope) and in other situations the diagnosis can only be made with the help of the scope procedure. A scope allows for precise diagnosis and can also be used as a form of treatment called arthroscopic surgery.

Can Physical Therapy Help With Knee Pain?

In some cases, physical therapy can be helpful during recovery from knee surgery. While some knee pain will resolve on its own, in most cases knee pain must be addressed medically, and this often means a surgical solution. To make sure that the newly repaired knee functions at its peak performance, physical therapy can be very helpful for weeks immediately following the knee surgery. Since each case is different, the doctor who administers the knee pain treatment will prescribe physical therapy on a case by case basis. Some patients may need only rest and time to fully recover after knee pain treatment, so talk to your doctor about the best way to make sure you have a smooth and full recovery.